Résultat de recherche d'images pour "blurry vision"Eyes are the gift of God and do play a major role in our daily life. Eyes help us to see the things and work as a camera. They help us to see things as well as focus on them. But sometimes eyes do causes some problems in vision, pain in the eye, puffy eyes, dry eyes and many other similar kinds of problems. Mavit is a medical center that can help you with all the problems that are related to your eyes. These medical centers can help you to improve your vision as well as treat the other eye conditions that you are suffering from.

Red eye: Red eye is an eye condition in which blood vessels that are present inside your eyes do get swollen or expanded which causes a lot of irritation in your eyes while making eye movement. The blood vessels present in the eyes give the red look to your eyes. This can happen because of infection, improper sleep or lack of sleep, and allergies. In such condition, it is better to get your eyes checked by an eye expert or in an eye hospital.

Color blindness: Color blindness can happen with people of all ages. Many of the people are born with it. Color blindness is a condition in which people have problems of identifying the colors. It becomes really hard to identify red and green color as they look grey. The people who are suffering from severe color blindness see all the things in the shade of grey. Special types of contact lens and glasses can help them to identify the colors.

Night blindness:  Night blindness is an eye condition in which the person faces difficulty in seeing the thing at night or while doing things at night. This eye condition is caused by lack of Vitamin A.