Oracle Ensures You Have Security, Confidence in Their Cloud System

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"Often businesses try to sell you on the idea that they are the best because they have been around the longest. The sad fact of the matter is that simply is not the case at all. Ford may have been the first to develop the car, but many other car manufacturers have passed them up since the car was first created. That’s just a fact of life.

The same kind of idea somehow creeps into the mindset of people. They believe that because something is older or has been around longer that you can have greater confidence in that. Fortunately, many are finding that it is the new kid on the block in terms of cloud storage that is the one that they should be relying on. That company is Oracle.

Since Mark Hurd became CEO at the tech company, he has pushed for the idea in the last few years of making Oracle the leader in cloud technology. Because they did not have many of the hindrances that organizations who had been in this market before faced, he was able to implement a vision that ensure that Oracle provided the latest in database and cloud system technology so that they became the most efficient system for customers to use.

That was not the only advantage, however. If you look at more info provided by Oracle you will also learn that they have one of the most secure and efficient systems available. There security in protecting your stored files and information gives you incredible confidence to know that no one is going to be hacking into or stealing the information that is valuable to you. While many others offer protection, it is Oracle that is proving to be the one that you can have the greatest reliance on, and that is thanks to the vision and implementation by CEO Mark Hurd.

Increase Your Sales With The Help Of Commercify

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "online sales"There are many businesses in this world which are struggling with the sales of different products and as a result their earning has also reduced. But now you need not to worry as Commrecify will help you to build your online business as well as make huge money out of it. It is learning and training program which will help you in understanding the basics of internet sales and marketing. The founders of this program are Ricky Mataka and Nishant Bhardwaj. Both the founders have huge experience in internet selling and have worked with many companies. They have shared all their experience and knowledge in this learning program that can help you to earn a lot of money by online selling.

About commercify

This is the best webinar training system that will help you in selling your products as well as in making the sales massive for your store. Those businesses which are experiencing some problems in online sales can use this program to identify the weak spots and work on it till improvement is seen in the sales. This training will help you in making money as soon as possible. This program comprises of steps that needs to be followed to achieve online success. This program provides you with many physical products, t-shirt designs, and many other things that can be used for promoting your business to hundreds of niche websites. This program provides you with high quality and well designed images that will convert your sales instantly. Those who want to increase their sales can use these high quality images on online stores as well as on the advertisement so that maximum number of customers can visit your website and increase your sales. Their team has over 1000 hot selling products that you can use to start selling right away and increase your sales as well as make some money out of the products.

Supplement For The Athletic Performance Enhancement

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "athlete"Alpha-GPC is the natural supplement which is present in a variety of food items. It is the supplement which is consumed by the athletes to improve their performance by improving their concentration, effectiveness of the pre workout supplements. This supplement is responsible for increasing the level of a chemical called as acetylcholine which ultimately enhances the learning ability and concentration power. Athletes not only require the muscular endurance and physical strength to confirm their victory but they have to be focused on the game and have presence of mind for quick actions. You can have a look on my recommended source of information about this supplement on online seller’s website. It will help you to realize the reliability of this supplement as the performance enhancer.

About the dosage of Alpha GPC

Alpha-GPC is hygroscopic in nature, hence it is capable of absorbing water. So, it is recommended that you should consume it either in the prescribed quantity or increase your water intake after its consumption in order to maintain the water balance in your body. Due to the water absorbing nature of this supplement, the manufacturer mixes it with dicalcium phosphate or Silicon dioxide. It will help in easy supplementation of this supplement. Since, on mixing the Alpha-GPC with water a lump is formed which is inconvenient to consume, thus by mixing it with the other compound, only Alpha GPC will get dissolve with water and its supplementation will be easier.

There are many people who think that natural supplements can be consumed in any quantity as they do not have the side effects. However, on consuming the wrong quantity of the supplement, unexpected side effects will arise and the expected results will not be visible. Thus, consumers should follow the direction to consume or get a recommendation from the doctor for the right dosage according to your body needs.

Can Crying Babies Left Alone Too Often Suffer From Brain Damage?

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "baby cry"The news media, such as the UK Guardian‘s article “Leaving Baby to Cry Could Damage Brain Development, Parenting Guru Claims,” and the New Zealand Herald‘s article “Babies Left to Cry Can Suffer Brain Damage, Warns Parenting Guru”, are reporting the release of a new book by childcare expert Penelope Leach. Leach works for the Tavistock Clinic and the Institute for the Study of Children, Family and Social Issues. She served as co-director of the UK’s largest research project on the different types of child care available for children under five.

In her new book, The Essential First Year-What Babies Need Parents to Know (DK Publishing), Leach argues that parents who leave their babies to cry themselves to sleep too often may unwittingly cause their infants to suffer from brain damage, which will adversely affect a child’s learning ability later on in life. That claim will likely reignite the ongoing debate over whether crying babies should be picked up and soothed to sleep by parents or left to cry alone for some time before falling asleep themselves.

Scientific Proof of Infants’ Brains Being Damaged From Crying

As proof for claiming that infants’ brains do become damaged from excessive crying Leach, according to the Guardian, stated that scientists found high levels of the stress hormone cortisol in saliva swab tests taken from babies frequently left to cry alone, which neurobiologists state is dangerous for an infant’s developing brain enhancement.

Besides the biological impact, the Guardian reports Leach claiming that babies left to cry on their own too long may suffer from long-term psychological problems later on. She explains that babies need to cry because that is the only way they can get their parents’ attention. When babies realize they are still left unattended to even after long bouts of crying, they start crying less and less over time.

The reason, Leach says, that babies start crying less and going to sleep faster after awhile is not because they have been “trained” to do so. It is because they have started giving up more quickly towards crying for their parents’ attention. This can induce anxiety early on and lead to other emotional issues later such as insecure attachment styles. Besides having distressed babies, the excessive crying can also make parents distraught as well.

Leach also states that her own research work reveals that parental response to a baby’s cries has a significant impact upon their development. She states that prompt parental response can even overcome the effects of poverty and disadvantage for families. Her research involved following 1200 mothers and their babies from birth to state school. It found that the different types of child care practiced by the mothers did not nearly have as much positive impact upon the babies’ development as prompt parental response to their needs.

Scientific Proof Opposing Leach’s Argument

Leach’s argument against leaving babies to cry alone is at loggerheads with the approach popularized by fellow parenting expert Gina Ford, a trained nanny who supports getting children to abide by a strict daily feeding, sleeping, and waking regimen. Known as the “Queen of Routine”, Ford published her ideas in the best seller The Contented Little Baby Book (Vermillion, July 1, 1999).

Ford generally advises parents to allow a baby to cry for as long as 20 minutes if he/she is in no need of being cleaned, fed, or burped. Parents are allowed to visit the baby every few minutes or so while he/she cries but must not pick them up. Parents who followed Ford’s advice have claimed that it helped their babies to sleep throughout the night beginning from a young age.

Even though Leach counters Ford’s parenting approach using scientific proof, some evidence to the contrary throws doubt upon that. The New Zealand Herald cites a study conducted by Australia’s Murdoch Children’s Research Institute that evaluated the emotional and behavioral health and well-being of 225 six-year old children put on strict sleeping regimens as babies, as well as the relationships between these children and their parents.

The study revealed no ill effects gained from “controlled crying” upon children’s emotional and behavioral development and upon parent-child relationships. The New Zealand Herald also cites Mandy Gurney, head of the Millpond Sleep Clinic, explaining that other research studies showed the positive impact that babies abiding by a strict sleep regimen had on overall family life.

Debate Over Attendance Towards Crying Babies Continues

Penelope Leach advocates that parents stop leaving their babies to cry for long periods of time, claiming that scientific proof exists for some damaging health consequences. Some of her evidence, however, has been refuted by scientists discovering that no negative psychological effects occurred from “controlled crying”. Thus the jury is still out on this parenting issue.

Top Search Engine Placement Is Not Only about Keyword Optimization

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "seo"Keyword optimization is traditionally considered the core of SEO. While it is true that keywords and keyword optimization are the core of SEO, Search Engine Optimization for Google and the other search engines won’t be successful if other factors are not taken into account. Basically, when search engine placement is considered, there are two groups of SEO factors to have in mind – onpage SEO and offpage SEO.

What Is Onpage SEO?

Onpage SEO, as the name implies, includes all the factors for search engine placement, which are related to the page itself. The majority of common SEO factors fall into this group.

The most important onpage SEO factors are keywords in text, URLs, headings, metatags. Internal links (i.e. links to other pages of the same site), as well as the number of outgoing links are also onpage SEO factors.

One very important onpage SEO factor is freshness of content. Here the rule is that frequently updated, unique, and keyword rich content is the recipe for success in SEO placement.

Some of the negative onpage SEO factors include keyword stuffing, Flash, and JavaScript. Needless to say, these practices are to be avoided.

What Is Offpage SEO?

Having in mind that most of the common SEO factors are onpage factors, one might wonder what is left for the offpage category. It is true that offpage SEO factors are not as numerous as onpage SEO factors but one very important key to top search engine placement belongs to the group of offpage SEO – backlinks.

Backlinks are very, very important for search engine optimization for Google and the other search engines. Quality backlinks are hard to find, especially dofollow links but if a webmaster manages to get many backlinks from reputable sites within the same niche and these backlinks have the adequate keywords for anchor text, then this guarantees top SEO placement. Best way to get them is to buy links from other people.

Backlinks might be the most important offpage factor but they are not the only one. Some other factors in this group include site age and the availability (or lack) of a site map.

Is Onpage SEO More Important than Offpage SEO?

The algorithms of search engines change frequently and no one can say what they will be in the future but currently there is parity in the importance of onpage SEO and offpage SEO. Keywords will always matter but quality backlinks are even more important. Getting good search engine placement without quality backlinks is very hard.

On the other hand, backlinks only (even if they are quality backlinks) can’t guarantee top search engine placement, if there aren’t keywords in the important places of a page (i.e. in headings, titles, the first paragraph, etc.). Yet in other cases offpage factors, such as the domain age and/or the reputation of the site, weigh more than good keyword density and the other onpage factors.

The best approach to SEO is to combine onpage and offpage factors. The fact that it is possible to get decent rankings with keyword optimization only doesn’t mean that this is the way to go. Relying only on backlinks is also not a good idea. The winning strategy is to apply both onpage SEO and offpage SEO and hope that this will affect search engine placement in a positive way.

Give Yourself A Professional Look With Best Laptop Backpack

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Laptop backpack"These days the use of laptops has increased a lot and almost every office going person carries it. It gives them a professional look and facilitates easy working. With regular use and up-down the chances of damage increases and in such cases repairing will cost you a lot. So, in order to avoid any such problem you can opt for a laptop backpack. Through this your laptops will remain safe from any type of problem or damage. There are many best laptop backpacks available in market that you can have according to your preference.

Different types of laptop backpack

Messenger laptop bag: These bags provide you a casual and informal look because of which they are highly preferred by students and youngsters. A huge variety of messenger bags is available in the market which can be purchased according to your taste. They are available in a number of colors out of which many are simple while many have print on them. They are in trend these days and are best if you are travelling somewhere with your laptop.

Laptop sleeves: They are the small handheld bags which fit snuggly with the laptop. They do not have any handle and in fact, you can place them in your bags or suitcase. They are also called as portfolio bags and they offer high protection to your laptop. They have foam inside them due to which they are very soft and do not cause any scratch or lines on your expensive devices. Before buying them you must take proper dimension of your laptop so that you can have the appropriate size for it.

Tote laptop bags: Although, these bags were designed for women’s but now they are also used by many men as well. Tote bags have small handles for carrying it and they completely give you a professional look. They also have a number of pockets where you can keep battery, charger and your mobile also.

Trundle Beds – A Space Saving Option For Your Home

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "trundle bed"Trundle beds have gained a lot more popularity in last few years as they help you to save a lot of space in your home for doing other activities. It also provides the kids with bigger playing area that they can use to play with each other. Trundle beds are special type of beds that provide you with an extra bed as well as with extra storage space that you can use to store your various things as well as your clothes. This bed provides you with two beds: upper bed and lower bed. Upper bed is the traditional bed that you can use in your home. But the lower bed provides you with main advantage. The lower bed is kept hidden and is mounted underneath the upper bed with the help of rollers. You can slide the lower bed out and adjust it along with the upper bed to make it a double bed. When it is not in use, you can slide the lower bed under the upper bed and create more space for your bed room. If you want to see more types of trundle beds, then you can go online for your better consideration.

For Kids

These types of beds are usually designed according to the kids. Kids do share their bedroom with their friends or with their brother and sisters. Trundle beds will be a great piece of furniture that you can use in your kids room. The children can slide out the lower bed and sleep comfortably on it and when they wake up at morning they can slide the lower bed under the upper bed to add some more space to the playing space. This bed also provides you with comfortable mattress and the height of the lower bed can be adjusted with the help of the rollers. You can remove the mattress and use the lower bed as drawers for storing various types of items.

Everything You Need To Know About Carrageenan

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Carrageenan"If you are from the European Union you may not be familiar with the term “carrageenan” but you surely have stumbled across the E407 food additive or Processed Eucheoma Seeweed (PES). But reading the food labels can prove a quite complicated process, especially if you are not aware of the dangers some ingredients lead to. On the other hand, too much information in the food additives and preservatives department (the E department) can lead to misconceptions regarding the effects of certain food additives and their role in everyday food products. Considering that some food additives have been labeled as dangerous or carcinogenic, it comes as no surprise that less and less people trust the foods they are buying from regular supermarkets and tend to rather choose products which are labeled as “organic” or “natural”.


However, few people know that numerous organic and natural food products also contain preservatives and food additives, most of them of vegan and vegetable origin. Carrageenan is one of these food additives that have been highly used in the food industry for centuries.


Where can you find it?

Carrageenan is mainly found in dairy products and meat-based processed products, but the list of foods that include carrageenan as an ingredient is far more extensive. You can stumble across this food thickening agent in ice creams, yogurts, beers, sugars and syrups, pastas, baby formula and even in personal lubricants.


Possible health benefits

This ingredient is FDA certified thus it has not been labeled as dangerous or potentially dangerous to the human body. Moreover, although further researches need to be conducted, some studies show that carrageenan extracts can, in fact, be benefic to the human body. Some researches link the use of carrageenan supplements to healing or diminishing the symptoms of coughs, tuberculosis, bronchitis, digestive problems, ulcers and even helping promote weight loss.

What are epilators and how does it work

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "epilator hair"Women since time-immemorial have wanted to do away with undesirable body hair. They loved to have a smooth, hair free, glowing skin that would be a cause of jealousy to the other women and attractive for men folks. We have even heard of the old Pharaoh queen was so conscious about her beauty she would use an emulsion of hot oil and honey to be spread evenly over her legs and pull out the hairs using dry muslin cloths. This is very similar to the waxing exercise we do at home however they tend to get little messy and dirty with hot wax getting poured all over the floor and we are clueless about disposal procedure of the used strips.

Epilators are getting increasingly popular over the last two decades as they are fast, much cleaner and easy to use and produce excellent results, the effect lasting for about 3-4 weeks. Epilators not only pluck out the hairs from the follicles but also get rid of ingrown hairs which are an impossible task for waxing. And all these without damaging the skin. In waxing red marks and spots appear on the skin which takes their own sweet time to disappear however generous application of ice-pack and moisturizer helps achieve normalcy to a great extent. On the contrary, epilators though painful at the beginning, will re-grow finer and lighter hair enhancing the pain bearing sensitivity. It’s always advised to go for a hot shower before epilating to ensure dilation of pores. Keep your skin dry before epilating after which a moisturizer can be applied. Epilators can be used both in face as well as over the whole body. The device is ideal for touch ups and one- time investment is all what is required. It can come either as cordless battery charged epilator or with a direct power cord.

Innovative Ideas And Skills That Took Mark To This Position

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"Mark Hurd has always been an ideal for many people because of the decision that he took and the work that he did for the welfare of the customers. His decisions were very effective and most importantly are always innovative. He started his career in NCR Corporation by working with the sales department and later he earned the position of Co-CEO and president in Oracle because of his hard work and skills. After this, his life completely changed which also led to many changes in his personal life. Mark Hurd always emphasized on financial management and short term results because of which now company at this position.

Educational life of Hurd

His decisions were very innovative and there was always something new in his ideas. He completed his graduation in 1979 and received degree of BBA from the famous Baylor University which he did on tennis scholarship. Many few people know that he loved playing tennis and he also participated in many tennis events. In fact, after at this reaching this position he did a lot for tennis complex of Baylor and because of so much supports the centre was named as the Hurd tennis center.

Main aim of Hurd

The main aim of Hurd was to make sure that their customers should get the best technology and most importantly can access it with any mean no matter whether they are online or offline cloud services. His decision also helped in improving the working efficiency of workers because of which better results were seen at the completion of the task. He never forced his employees or did not pressurize them for working better and because of leadership quality and skills everyone remained eager to work with him. His experience and things that he learned from his past working places proved to be very useful for his future and because of this proper growth of the Oracle Corporation was seen.